Let's Take A Tour of our Anchorage Public Library!

OKAY I'm so excited to share my experience at our Anchorage Public Library with you!!!

First off, I'm a total bookworm. I love to read! It's seriously my favorite pastime. Fantasy, fiction, self help, graphic novels, historical accounts, etc. I LOVE IT ALL!

I've always been a fan of our Anchorage Public Library, but did you know that it's one library, five locations?! I never realized our library was so expansive!

The recent renovations at the Loussac Library are amazing. Seriously, I almost didn't recognize the place when I walked in!!! Everything is so streamline and easy to use, and it's just a really fun environment to be in.

I filmed my tour of the Z.J. Loussac Library, but there is even MORE going on than the highlights in this video. Did you know that there are yearbooks from every Anchorage area high school dating back decades?!

Not only are there public records and a free computer lab, but they even have a Book Club Bag where you can borrow up to 10 titles for your book club! That means no more purchasing brand new books you may only end up reading once. You can borrow them from our Anchorage Public Library for FREE and return them when your club is ready for the next one!

It all starts with getting your FREE library card! Stay tuned for more from our Anchorage Public Library, and check them out online at www.anchoragelibrary.org and on social media @anchoragelibrary!

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