The D-List: Wednesday

Ex-Disney Star Busted On Camera , Arrested

Orlando Brown is used to smiling for the cameras, unfortunately, the cameras he's been appearing in front of lately are the ones snapping his mugshots. Orlando was arrested on Sunday for attempting to change the locks at a restaurant owned by former childhood friend Danny Boy. Danny said he gave Orlando permission to stay in the restaurant but not to change the locks. Orlando tried to cover security cameras during the attempt and was on the roof when he was arrested. He was reportedly in a daze and also accused Danny of stealing money from him. Orlando is already facing charges from a narcotics possession case and Danny said he hopes this arrest will allow Orlando to get the help he needs.

New “Not Engaged” Instagram Account Is For Your Single Friends

If you are scrolling through your IG feeds and you notice that you are the only single one, head on over to the #notengaged IG account of Mary McCarthy. The 30-year-old shows off her daily activities along with her ringless left hand. Mary wants to show that you can have the same experiences and fun in life even if you are rolling solo.

French Tennis Player Is Liam Hemsworth’s Twin 

If you think Miley’s man, actor Liam Hemsworth is hot, well there’s more where that came from. 22-year-old Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov has become an overnight sensation for his on the court performance and his off the court looks. Many social media users commented on the similarities between Khachanov & Hemsworth. The comparison has been made so many times Khachanov jumped in on the fun, jokingly admitting on Twitter that he is actually the 4th Hemsworth brother.

Camila Cabello Breaks a Record

Camila Cabello is feeling good after breaking a streaming record. Her song Havana has passed 1 billion streams on Spotify. She is the first woman to have a song to do that. Cabello tweeted her excitement with a gif of a guy dancing. She commented, "my mood comin out of the plane right now cuz Havana is the first song by a female artist to reach a billion streams."

Selena Gomez’s Upcoming Single May Spill So Much Tea About Her Breakup With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has been minding her own business since her split from Justin Bieber, between getting tattoos with her BFFs and vacationing in Italy Selena is living her best life. It could be that Selena will save all the tea about her relationship and eventual breakup with her ex for her new single. Gomez is currently in the studio completing her third album and according to Elle magazine reporter Mickey Rapkin, there’s a song about cutting a man out of her life after “1,460 days” and “cleaning my slate.” Gomez and Bieber were in an on-again, off-again relationship for four years from 2010-2014. Then again for a short time in 2018. 1,460 days equals four years. In another track, Selena sings about her independence and a man who doesn’t respect her. Although there’s no confirmation that the songs are about Bieber, the timeline adds up.

Pete Davidson Furious He Couldn't Protect Ariana Grande From Pastor 'Groping'

A source close to SNL cast member, Pete Davidson has told that the Pete wanted to protect Ariana from being groped by Pastor Charles Ellis III during the funeral of Aretha Franklin. “Pete doesn’t really care about the reactions of Bill Clinton, he can joke that off, but he definitely is mad over seeing the pastor making her feel very uncomfortable,” said the source. Ariana wore a short little black dress and during her performance, Clinton, who was sitting behind Ariana, seemed to be staring at her rear. The insider added that Pete wanted to go up on stage and save Ariana, but things happened so fast and he didn’t want to make a scene. Since the incident, Pastor Ellis has apologized and says it was “never his intention to touch any woman’s breast.” According to the source, Pete hopes that people will move on and focus on what the day was about rather than everything else that came from it.

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