The D-List: Tuesday

Single Shawn Mendes Open To Dating A Fan

Let the madness begin. Shawn Mendes said that he is single and open to dating a fan. In a new interview with the UK Sunday Times, Shawn confirmed his single status and said he’s not just looking for another celebrity. "Sure I'd date a fan," he said. "Why wouldn’t you date someone who admires you? Isn’t that what couples always say? ‘She’s my biggest fan.’” Shawn said he’s just a regular dude.

Drake Visits Young Heart Patient

Everyone is doing the "Kiki Challenge" these days, but one young girl in Chicago did the challenge so well she got a visit from "Mr KiKi" himself, Drake. Drake stopped at the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago to meet 11 year old heart patient Sofia Sanchez, and granted her birthday wish of meeting him. Drake found out about Sofia after she did the "In My Feelings" video after having open heart surgery and waiting for a heart transplant. It's said that Drake's visit lasted about an hour and the two sang songs, and he even helped her get the word out about her GoFundMe page. Now that's a birthday to remember. You can see the full story HERE.

Madonna Gets No R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Madonna made an appearance at last night's VMAs to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin and Twitter didn't like it at all. Before Madonna was to present the award for video of the year, she told a story of how Aretha "changed the course of her life." Instead it turned into Madonna giving tribute to Madonna on how Aretha influenced her life, and social media wasn't about to let it slide. One user said, "I would rather have had Madonna butcher an Aretha song instead of talking about herself for almost ten minutes." 

Calvin Harris Says He’s “Too Old” to Be Touring

Calvin Harris may be the highest paid DJ in the world but he is over touring. In a recent radio appearance, Harris talked about where he is in his performance life saying, "I’ve done tours before but for me, I think my personal strength is in the studio. It’s what I enjoy the most." Harris continued, "But a tour? No way. I can’t do tours any more. I’m too old." Harris might not want to tour worldwide but he does still hold his Las Vegas residency through 2020. By the way, that pays him a nearly $1 million per appearance.

The Strange Behavior of Elon Musk Continues

He is one of the many faces of the future when it comes to things such as space exploration and electric cars and the way we transport ourselves in general. Still, Elon Musk also continues with his eccentric behavior. The latest example? Musk has deleted his Instagram account. His self-removal of his Instagram account, with 8 million followers, comes after a bizarre sequence of events with singer Grimes, and the rapper Azealia Banks. On August 12, Banks took to Instagram to say that she had been at Musk's house and seen singer Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) "coddling" Musk. On Monday, Banks tagged Musk in her Instagram story. She wrote "you need to contact me. ASAP" followed by "I need my phone back now."

School Does Clever Play on Drake's "In My Feelings"

An elementary school in South Carolina put a spin on Drake's In My Feelings. A bulletin board inside of the Busbee Elementary has a construction paper picture of Drake. The board says, "Kiki, are you reading? Are you writing? Are you down with the knowledge? Cause I need ya and I want ya to go to college!" The school hopes this will "be one more thing that we can do to interest them in reading and writing and setting goals."

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