Your Back Pain Could Be Caused By Your Feet

There are many reasons you could be having back pain. Poor posture, too much time spend on your cellphone, sitting at a desk all day, old injuries, you name it! But did you know that a lot of your back problems could be coming from your feet?

When I messed up my ankle really badly a couple years ago, I did some physical therapy, but I never connected my chronic low back pain to my injury. Since I was babying my left ankle, my right leg was taking more weight as I overcompensated for limited movement. This started affecting my spinal alignment big time...

I still have issues with my ankle today as there's a lot of scar tissue buildup. Honestly, one of the best feelings for it is getting it adjusted. Feeling that movement after my ankle being so stiff for so long is such a relief! However, I still have those days where my gait changes due to my restricted movement or soreness. On those days, I definitely feel that radiating pain right at the base of my spine.

At Pairmore & Young: Synergy Chiropractic, they provide custom orthotic inserts to relieve foot and ankle pain, so I'm definitely looking into that to see if it helps my ankle and help relieve that low back pain I get when my ankle or arch is hurting! If you've experienced an injury like this or have need for chiropractic care in general, definitely make an appointment at Pairmore & Young today! You can also check them out at

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