The D-List: Wednesday

Singing Teen Wows At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A video of a singing teen and her ode to food is going viral. Cecily Hennigan, 16, rolled thru a drive-thru in Conway, South Carolina and sang Todrick Hall’s McDonalds song in a Facebook clip that is going viral. The teenager said she loved the song and the drive-thru was the perfect opportunity to sing it. Since the video was posted it has had over 2K shares all commenting on her amazing voice.

Cardi B Shares Pic Of Daughter Kulture Kiari

Cardi B’s daughter is 5-weeks-old and she is finally making her online debut. Cardi just arrived off a long plane ride with her daughter who she said was “full of energy," and shared a sweet Instagram story of her little one. Unfortunately, we have to wait a bit longer for a full picture, the IG story only showed the little one's feet kicking around with the caption, “I got home at 8:30 a.m. from my flight she been up this whole time! I fed her twice and bath her she ain’t with it”

YouTube Removes Ad for 'The Nun' After Complaints

An new ad for the upcoming movie The Nun scared a few people on YouTube. The video service had to remove the six-second commercial because of user complaints of it being a jump scare.The ad that played right before the video you wanted to see showed a typical volume indicator going up, then going down. After that, The Nun shows up on screen and lets out a scream.People notified YouTube of the startling clip. YouTube responded by taking the ad down and releasing a statement saying the ad violated their shocking content policy.

'Twilight' Home Up For Sale

Do you ever wish you lived in the movie 'Twilight'? Well, now is your chance - sort of! The house from the movie is up for sale.For $350K you can own Bella Swan's house! Sorry, no, a sexy vampire isn't included. The house is a modest home - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and built in 1935 in Oregon.

You can view the listing HERE.

Justin Bieber Wears Disguise For Shoot With Jimmy Fallon

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon were up to something Tuesday in New York's Central Park. The two were in disguise for what some think will be an upcoming segment on The Tonight Show. Bieber and Fallon were dressed in suits, wigs, sunglasses and fake mustaches as they danced around.At one point, Justin removed his costume and said hi to fans.

Beyonce's Babies Make Appearance In 'Vogue' Behind The Scenes Video

A three-minute behind-the-scenes video of Beyonce's Vogue photo shoot features a lot of candid moments.Front and center are shots of Beyonce and Jay-Z's kids. Blue Ivy is seen playing several times in the video and Beyonce kisses her twins Rumi and Sir in the clip. The candid video was directed by Tyler Mitchell. The 23-year-old shot the Beyonce spread for the magazine.

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