The D-List: Tuesday

LAPD Swarms Rihanna's Home

Last night the LAPD swarmed Rihanna's home, with a helicopter and everything, but it turns out it was just a false alarm. Rihanna wasn't home at the time and it appears that her house alarm was accidentally triggered. According to TMZ, the reason behind such a heavy police presence was because of the history of intruders at Rihanna's house, including a stalker who spent the night at her home in May.

Calvin Harris' Upcoming Collab With Sam Smith

We're getting a new single from Calvin Harris on Friday... but wait, there's more... Sam Smith will also be on it! The song is called 'Promises'. The new collab was announced yesterday on Calvin's Twitter. Sam Smith later added, "Surprise!!!! I’m so excited for you all to hear this song." With artists like Calvin Harris and Sam Smith, people are predicting this song is going to be huge, but we'll have to wait until Friday to find out.

Demi Lovato's OD Likely Triggered By Oxy Laced With Fentanyl

As time goes by, more details about Demi Lovato's OD are coming to the surface. Now we're learning what people believe was the cause. According to sources, the overdose most likely came after the singer took some Oxy laced with Fentanyl. Sources closest with Demi are saying that she had been using the same drug dealer since April, and he has a reputation for buying dirty drugs and this particular batch appeared to be laced with Fentanyl. The drug Fentanyl has been sweeping the nation as dealers have been lacing their supply with it to make their batches seem stronger. Keep in mind, Fentanyl is the same drug that's being blamed for Prince and Lil Peep's untimely deaths.

Nick Jonas' Family Is Going To India To Meet Priyanka Chopra's Family

Although Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got engaged in July, they still have a big step to take - introducing their families. According to a source, they won't have to wait much longer as the Jonas family is going to India to meet the Chopra family! Priyanka reportedly fit right in with the Jonas family when Nick brought her as a guest to his cousin's wedding, so hopefully this meeting goes just as smoothly!

'Family Guy' Movie Being Planned

The Griffin family and their outrageous friends are headed from TV to the big screen. A Family Guy movie has been confirmed. According to sources, it will be a mix of animation and live-action. A plot hasn't been released and we don't know when we'll see the movie in theaters. Stay tuned.

Nicki Minaj Leaves Stephen Colbert Speechless

Nicki Minaj joined Stephen Colbert on the Late Show and things got pretty steamy! When talking to Nicki about her new song 'Barbie Dreams', the track that's getting attention for all the male artists she calls out, Colbert asked what it would it sound like if he was on the list, and he got what he asked for. After some hesitation, Nicki layed down a freestyle for the talk show host, rapping, “I might **** Stephen after the show/He gon’ come back to work with a magical glow.” Finishing it with, “But when you see us **** please don’t stare/Just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.”

OMG! Did she just? She did.

Colbert was left speechless and couldn't do much besides lay his head on his desk. Once he collected his thoughts, he let out an "It's all downhill from here."

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