The D-List: Friday

Are Sam Smith and Normani Working On New Music Together?

Nothing is for sure, but it looks like Sam Smith may be working on a new collab with Fifth Harmony's Normani! The rumors started swirling when Normani's manager posted a photo of Normani and Sam hugging along with the caption, "studio vibes". Whatever they're working on, it's set to be a hit. Sam's latest single, 'Baby, You Drive Me Crazy' and Normani's latest project, 'No Lies' ft Khalid, are both climbing the charts.

Jennifer Lopez Surprised Restaurant Guests With Free Show

Imagine you're eating at a restaurant and all of a sudden Jennifer Lopez stops in to belt out a song. J. Lo and her man A. Rod are currently on vacation in Italy and stopped into a restaurant in Capri On Wednesday night. J. Lo grabbed the mic and performed “Let’s Get Loud” along with the house band. The video was posted on Instagram. After dating a little over a year J. Lo and A. Rod have already blended families and are reportedly living together.

'Despacito' Rapper Daddy Yankee Robbed Of $2M

'Despactio' rapper Daddy Yankee is probably still on a high over his latest hit, but he was brought back down to reality over an incident at his hotel. Have you ever wondered who's going in and out of your hotel room while you're not there? Well, this story will make you think twice. At a hotel in Spain where Daddy Yankee was staying, a man posed as Daddy Yankee and tricked hotel staff into opening the rapper's rooms and safe. Between the jewelry items and cash in the safe and other items in the two hotel rooms, the robber made it off with 2.3 Million dollars worth of jewelry.

Kylie Jenner Working On Vlog About Her Lip Fillers Journey

When Kylie Jenner routinely had her lips done, it became part of her signature look. Now that she's stopped getting lip fillers, people aren't sure what to do with themselves and a lot of people have questions! But don't worry, Kylie gets it and she's here to help.

She recently announced that she is getting back into vlogging and she's currently working on vlog that details her journey with lip fillers. It's unclear when exactly we'll get the video. When asked about a timeline by a fan, Kylie replied that the vlog is a whole mess as she's super busy and is editing everything by herself - but she hopes it will come out soon.

Madonna Isn't Impressed With Today's Pop Music

Madonna has an opinion on the state of today's pop music. In an interview with Vogue Italia, Madonna expressed her concern saying, "Everything's so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same." Madonna also said she wished more artists would "dare to be different."

Kesha Will Be Your Wedding Officiant

Kesha is an incredible singer and songwriter, but she may have a new business too - being a wedding officiant. At the premiere of her new documentary, a couple asked Kesha if she would be their wedding officiant... and she said she would love to! And it wasn't just talk, she actually took the time to set up the two ladies with her scheduling people. Not only that, but she's certified and has done 3 other ones already!

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