The D-List: Tuesday

Ariana Grande Teases Carpool Karaoke

Ariana Grande has previously been on 'Carpool Karaoke: The Series', but now it looks like she'll be joining James Corden on The Late Late Show's Karaoke segment, and we have some clues on what they might be singing. Last night talk show host Corden shared a photo of printed out lyrics for Grande's 'God Is A Woman' and 'No Tears Left To Cry' along with the caption, "Learning These". Ariana then replied to the tweet tongue in cheek, "Sick what for?" Other celebrities that have joined Corden in his car are Adele, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber.

50 Cent Caught Taking Money Back At Strip Club

50 Cent is making headlines once again after a video of him collecting money off of a stripper stage is going viral. But according to 50, there's good reasoning behind it. Shortly after making it rain, 50, who is notoriously petty, said he was receiving poor customer service and therefore wanted to take his money back, so he did just that.

Demi Lovato's Team Are Taking Toxic Friends Out Of Her Life

As Demi Lovato leaves the hospital and heads to rehab after her overdose two weeks ago, it's now up to her team to help her stay on track. Part of this task means getting rid of all of Demi's toxic friends and bad influences, which includes a distant relative and some of her drug-using friends. According to sources, Demi is also being advised to change her phone number and only give her new number out to a select group of people.

Breastfeeding Mom Told To Cover Up. She Did.

A mom who was breastfeeding in a restaurant was told to cover up. So, she did. She covered her head with a blanket. A photo of Melanie Dudley breastfeeding her 4-month old baby at a hotel bistro was shared on Facebook. The woman who posted the picture said a man asked Dudley to cover up. It was 90 degrees and extremely humid. The woman also said she was "over people shaming women for nursing." The post has been shared over 184,000 times and has tons of comments and likes.

Tom Hardy Promises Pain If You Take A Photo Of His Kids

Tom Hardy has a problem if you feel the need to take pictures of his children. Talking to Esquire, Hardy said, "If someone takes a photo of my kids, all bets are off. I will take the camera off you and beat the f**king s**t out of you." Hardy continued, "I can see people’s behavior, I can see when a camera’s coming, It’s just odd. But [pictures of my] kids are a f**king no. They really are. And that’s what really bothers me, and it will fast-track me immediately to respond like any father in any situation." Hardy has a 10-year-old son and a new baby on the way.

Kelly Clarkson Working On Daytime Talk Show

After appearing on The Voice last season, it seems like Kelly Clarkson is now stuck with the television bug. According to sources, she is now working on a pilot in hopes of hosting a daytime talk show. Filming will take place over the next few weeks and is all a part of a deal she recently signed with NBC. But don't get excited just yet, according to the source, if all goes well, the show still won't premiere until around Fall 2019.

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