The D-List: Thursday

Serena Williams Is Teaching Her Baby French

Serena Williams' daughter, Olympia, may only be 11-months-old, but she's well on her way to becoming bi-lingual. Yesterday, the tennis star shared a video on her Instagram of her speaking French to little Olympia.

Although Williams and her husband are both American, studies show the best time to learn a language is when you're a child... and they're never too young to get some culture! Way to mom, Serena!

Pink Has A Chest Infection

Pink was supposed to kick off her Australian tour on Friday, but doctors have urged her to push back the date due to a chest infection. Pink is known for being one tough cookie, so you know it must be a pretty nasty infection.

She took to her Twitter to apologize and express her frustration, saying, "I was hoping a couple of days of rest would help me kick this sick, but not at the speed I was hoping for. I appreciate your well-wishes and understanding and I'm sorry."

So far, no other dates on the tour have been affected. Get well soon, Pink!

Ludacris To The Rescue

Not only is Ludacris an accomplished rapper turned actor, he's also a total sweetheart. A woman, who is under a lot of financial pressure between becoming widowed, caring for her brother, and rescuing animals, was given a $250 gift card to Whole Foods, but when she was being checked out, she noticed she had gone way over the gift card total.

To her surprise, there was a stranger ahead of her who at first offered to buy the dog food, but then said he would cover the whole purchase. The woman was overcome with joy and hugged the man who simply introduced himself as Chris.

After making sure the woman also had help to her car, he left the store. That's when the cashier asked the woman if she knew who he was and then went on to tell her that it was LUDACRIS! The woman was shocked and overcome by his willingness to help.

Ariana Grande Trashes Her Own Merch

When fans got a hold of Ariana Grande's new merch, they were extremely disappointed. Apparently, one of the new shirts is just an iron-on photo and appears to be lazily made.

The shirt is being described as "something someone sells on the street outside a concert". Grande, who always puts her fans first, quickly took notice of the complaints and she totally agreed, tweeting, “yea this looks wild and i can’t believe they sent it out. i’m on it. so fu**in sorry. the other merch looks perfect in person.”

Uh oh, someone is in trouble! Get 'em Ari! Also, bless this woman for being so honest and always having her fans' backs.

Selena Gomez's Letter To Justin Bieber

It sounds like Selena Gomez is getting some closure with Justin Bieber after all. At first, she was apparently blindsided by the news of his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, but eventually realized it was for the better.

It's now being reported, according to an insider, that Selena has apparently written Justin a beautiful letter congratulating him, which has given her a lot of closure and helped to end a painful chapter in her life.

The insider also went on to say that Selena doesn't want to be linked to Justin forever and she's hoping to never have to hear the word Jelena again. Can you blame her?

Demi Lovato Being Urged To Quit Showbiz After Overdose

Now that it's been over a week since Demi Lovato was hospitalized, it's looking like she's going to be released soon, but the hardest part has yet to come.

Fans and friends alike are worried about the possibility of Demi relapsing. So much so, that her team has threatened to quit if she doesn't enter rehab.

Friends closest to Demi are taking things a step further and are reportedly urging the young star to get out of showbiz altogether. For those who don't know, Demi was also a child actress and has been in the business since she was 13. According to her friends, she has never really had a day off.

Unfortunately, Demi still remains too ill with her nausea and high fever to REALLY discuss any rehab plans, but fingers crossed she decides to go because she has to want to help herself if anything is going to change.

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