Mayonnaise Flavored Ice Cream

The Ice Falkirk ice cream shop is no stranger to weird flavors. On their website right now, “Monster Energy” is the first flavor that pops up on their desserts page. The Scottish shop previously garnered attention with an ice cream made from Strongbow Dark Fruit hard cider

But last week, the brand went beyond the unusual into the realm of controversy when they announced a new Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise ice cream. “Who knows a mayo addict?” Ice quipped on their Instagram page alongside a photo of the polarizing product.

Reactions ranged from the unhappy—“Scotland, y'all can keep it,” as one Twitter user wrote—to the more culinary-minded—“It probably makes the ice cream super creamy and light instead of tasting like mayonnaise?” another user wrote, adding, “I have a chocolate cake recipe with mayo in and it makes the cake super moist and brings out the chocolate flavour!”

Still, while mayo might be one of the more debate-worthy ice cream flavors out there, it’s probably not the most bizarre. Dating back to last year, we’ve come across flavors like cheddar cheese ice cream, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ice cream, Carolina Reaper pepper ice cream (also produced in Scotland in case you want to start passing judgement on an entire country), and Taylor Ham ice cream. Suddenly the thought of grabbing a scoop of plain old vanilla is starting to sound pretty delicious, huh?

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