Getting My Bones Professionally Popped

When I was little, I was a ballet dancer. I was pretty flexible and always stood with perfect posture. While we would stretch, I’d twist my back and hear/feel loud pops, tilt my head from side to side and feel the same in my neck; it happened all the time! Unfortunately, this turned into something I forced all the time, so my mom took me with her to the chiropractor.

I’d been to my mom’s chiropractic appointments before I got adjusted, so I was never nervous about it. As I got older, I kept my spine in good health by seeing a chiropractor regularly!

Recently, I’ve visited a couple of different chiropractic clinics, but have never had the experience I did at Pairmore & Young Synergy Chiropractic. Dr. Young has taught me more about my own spine in the last week than I’ve known in my life!

Check out my new vlog below recapping my first couple of adjustments at Pairmore & Young! If you’re curious about chiropractic care in your own life, check them out online at

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