The D-List: Friday

Jenny McCarthy Thinks Her House Is Haunted, Posts Video Proof!

Actress Jenny McCarthy believes her house is haunted and she just posted a video to prove it. Jenny shared a security cam clip on Facebook that shows her exiting a room and then hearing a chord from the piano playing in the empty space. “HAUNTED! Just happened in my house! I had to look at the security tape to prove it. Ahh!!” she wrote. Some fans think the house could be haunted while others think the sound is similar to the alert of a Google Home device.

Nick Jonas Shows Haters Who's Boss

A new photo of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra comes out almost every day, and people can't stop talking about them. But with the talk, comes speculation, and Nick Jonas will have none of it. A lot of people talk about their age difference because Chopra is 11 years older. Now there are even some people who are saying that their whole relationship is just a PR stunt. So what does Nick Jonas have to say? He posted a photo on his Instagram story of himself and Priyanka along with the caption, "Blocking the haters out like..."

Lady Gaga Vegas Residency Info Leaks

Mother monster is one step closer to the Las Vegas strip. New details have emerged regarding her upcoming residency. Fans are speculating that the show will be called ‘Enigma,’ after Ticketmaster posted a link on Thursday that offered tickets for a: “Lady Gaga 2 Show Bundle: Enigma and Limited Jazz & Piano Engagement.” The link was quickly deleted but not before the dates of Friday, October 25th & 26th of 2019 were spotted. Gaga previously teased that her residency would begin in December 2018. Currently, she is busy promoting her new film “A Star Is Born, and working on three albums, the soundtrack for the film, a jazz album with Tony Bennett, and a pop project.

Post Malone would love to be in Justin Bieber's wedding

Post Malone would take part in Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding if asked. Ambushed by the TMZ cameras, Post was asked if he would perform at the wedding. He said, "F-yeah, for free. I'll be the flower boy...or the ring bearer." Post also said about Bieber, "He's very happy. I love to see my boy happy."

‘Cats’ Musical Movie Gets Major Stars for Cast

The upcoming movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats has major star power attached to it. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden and Iam McKellen will be starring in the film. Cats is one of the most successful musicals in history.Shooting on the movie begins in November.

Selena Gomez Wants ‘Perfect BF’ After Failed Justin Bieber Romance

Well, here we are in 2018 - where Selena Gomez is single and Justin Bieber is engaged to someone else. So what's next for Selena's love life? She's apparently looking for the perfect man... aren't we all? So what does Selena's perfect man look like? According to a source close to Selena, when it comes to dating she keeps a pretty open mind, but she knows what she doesn't want. Apparently, one thing she definitely avoids now are men who have "too many selfies on Instagram", it's a total deal breaker. It sounds like Selena is done with egos and just wants to be happy... can you blame her?

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