The D-List: Wednesday

Ariana Grande's New Hairstyle

Yes, it has happened. Ariana Grande has changed her hair, and no, she hasn't ditched the high ponytail. She has, however, changed the color!The pop queen can now also be referred to as ice queen as her new hair color is being described as "icy blue", which really is just a fancy way of saying "bluish grey".You can decide for yourself if you dig the color because celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton posted photos of Grande with her new hair all over his Instagram.

Britney Spears Wants Mickey Mouse Club Reunion

Britney Spears said that she would love a reunion of the original ‘Mickey Mouse’ crew.Twenty Five years after Britney began her career in showbiz as a member of the MMC she said that she would love a reunion of her old crew.Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, JC Chasez, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling all got their start on the MMC.Britney shared with Entertainment Tonight about her experience, “It was a really good time,” she said. “It was a great time. It was probably one of the most special times in my life.”

Harry Potter Cookbook Out Now

If you ever dreamed of making Ms. Kreacher’s French Onion Soup, Harry Potter’s favorite, 'treacle tarts' or Mrs. Weasley’s Meat Pies here’s your chance.Harry Potter fans can now make all of their favorites from the franchise thanks to Dinah Bucholz, the author of “The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory-More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Muggles and Wizards.”The cookbook originally debuted in 2010, but a Buzzfeed article can be credited for the resurgence in popularity.The book has a near-perfect rating on Amazon.

Is Rihanna A Blonde Now?

Rihanna, a lover of all things fashion and beauty, is known to keep things surprisingly safe with her hair. We don't really see her ever do anything too wild.But she just posted a photo to her Instagram story wearing a long blonde wig and the internet is freaking out over the possibility that Rihanna may be going blonde. In the photo, the blonde wig is clearly unfinished - so fans are dying to know if she plans on cutting or coloring it further. We're also wondering if this will be a long-term change or if RiRi was just having some fun!

Could One Direction Reunite As X-Factor Judges?

One Direction fans are getting excited as it has just been confirmed that, yes, Louis Tomlinson will be one of the judges this season. But once one member of 1D makes the news, everyone is quick to wonder when we will see the boys back together again.Fans are really hoping for a reunion tour, but at this point, seeing them together anywhere would make them happy. So, can you imagine if all the boys came back together to be judges on X Factor, the show they got their start on?According to Tomlinson, he hasn't talked to the boys about it yet but said that he thinks they'll be fighting for a chance to judge.We'll have to wait and see - X Factor returns to television later this year.

People Want Post Malone to Go on ‘Queer Eye’

There have been a lot of people on social media trying to nominate Post Malone for a lifestyle makeover on Netflix's Queer Eye. Karamo Brown from the show tweeted, "Why does everyone want Post Malone to be on the show. Did he request it?"Post saw the tweet and responded, "no they just think I'm ugly and smell lol. love the show tho guys, keep crushing it."Karamo answered back saying, "Haha! Got it! Thanks Man. You Keep killing it too. I personally love you style and music."


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