Rookie Cycling: Sign Me UP!!!

Everyone raves about indoor cycling classes and how amazing they are to help increase endurance, stamina, and overall fitness. Well, I'm a horrible rider.

Seriously, I'm so terrible at riding! Whether it's indoor or outdoor, I haven't been able to comfortably ride a bike since I was a kid. I realized that my muscle endurance was the problem! After the first 10 minutes or so, I have a ton of energy and am doing great, but as soon as I pass that threshold, the burning in my muscles and lungs gets the better of me.

I've always wanted to be a decent cyclist so that I can explore a little bit more of my beautiful home here in Alaska, and now I've found the perfect way to do so!!!

As you know, I've been going to The Alaska Club for over a year now and I truly love this gym! My home gym is The Summit, connected to the South location, and I also love taking hot yoga classes at Studio at The Alaska Club. I've taken a few cycling classes here and there, but I never really knew what level/intensity I was supposed to be looking for. Well, now I can get that perfect introduction!

How cool is this?! The Rookie Rider Cycle Camp makes me SO excited to get cycling because I know I'll get the guidance I've been looking for when it comes to starting a cycling regime. And it's being held at 3 different locations! No excuses!!!

I'll be in class on July 10th, so let's start this journey to becoming a cyclist together!!! Keep an eye on my personal social media @singermalie to check out a glimpse of the class.

Check out class schedules and more info online at

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