4th of July Ready!

It’s finally that time in the summer where everyone BBQing, enjoying the sun, and partying hard. 4th of July is upon us!!!

Hands down one of my favorite holidays, I love celebrating the 4th with friends and family. This year, we’ve got a couple things to celebrate!

First, we’re celebrating America’s independence, of course!!! Secondly, Max’s and my friend Chris’ birthday is on the 3rd. Finally, our friend Mason is sadly leaving Alaska and venturing to a new start in Vegas on the 6th. So naturally, I thought, why don’t we have an Independence Day/Happy Birthday/Going Away Party all in one?!

This 4th of July, we’re heading out to the cabin in Big Lake again. I’m so excited! I love the lake, but I also love the drive. On sunny days, I never mind the traffic! I just roll the windows down, open up the sunroof, and drop my Audi Q5 into sport mode. I can feel myself soaking up the vitamin D now!

I love the fact that I can fit so many things in the back of my Q5 as well. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a party planner. That means I have to be able to fit everything in my car that I’ll need for a soirée of epic proportions.

Exhibit A: The Haul

We’ve got giant Jenga, giant beer pong (under the table), an 8ft table, tiki torches, a TON of party decor, and a suitcase full of bathing suits and more games. Just add in the cooler, and we’re ready to go!

The ease with which I can drive the Audi Q5 is a dream. I love this car so much, I know you will too! Test drive one for yourself today at Kendall Audi of Anchorage on the corner of Dowling and Lake Otis.

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