Are You A "List Person"?

If you're like me, you're a "list person".

Basically, you have a million different To Do lists at a time and are overwhelmed with how to complete them. If I'm close to the mark, just raise your hand.

I'm constantly looking for ways to increase my productivity. Whether that means I get a handy new journal or try to keep my lists together with a paper clip, I haven't actually found something that's helped.

Well, I was browsing YouTube like I normally do, and I came across this awesome video detailing how one of my favorite DIY-ers plans her day to day life and her ever impending To Do's. I'm already so excited about finding this journal and implementing planning into my daily routine. Personally, I have to write things down with a pen to remember what I need to do, so, while apps are great and convenient, I tend to forget to check them or open them when I've got tasks to complete.

If you're like me and looking for more ways to stay organized with your life and lists, check out this video! Maybe it'll inspire you like it inspired me.

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