Yoga In The Park Kicks Off TODAY!


It's finally here! Yoga In The Park is BACK this summer with Studio at The Alaska Club!

I'm sooo excited for this! As you know, I've been on my fitness journey and I've been finding new ways to work out. Doing Hot Yoga at Studio has been so much fun! It's a way for me to really work up a sweat while doing low impact movements which is PERFECT after my recent surgery. I'm excited to implement Yoga In The Park in my routine with Hot Yoga because it's just another amazing way we Alaskans can connect with the Earth and each other!

Yoga In The Park is the perfect way to meet new people, connect with nature, and have a lot of fun! Kids are welcome and its TOTALLY FREE for everyone... You seriously can't beat that!

Join us every Wednesday at the Delaney Park Strip from 6-7pm. Studio at The Alaska Club always updates their Facebook page with weather info in case it's raining as well, so you're always prepared!

Speaking of preparation, all you need to bring with you is comfy workout clothes and a yoga mat. I always recommend water as well, of course!

So, let's recap:

FREE, fun, yoga for all ages and skill levels while outside in the clear Alaskan air while meeting new friends.


You can find more info about Yoga In The Park online at

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