Spider Robots?!?

The German robotics company Festo has created a bunch of robots modeled after animals and insects. Two of their newest creations include a rolling robotic spider that somersaults at you and a flying fruit bat.

The robotic spider was inspired by the real-life flic-flac spider, which is known for getting around the Sahara Desert by walking on eight legs as well as jumping and somersaulting down sand dunes. This thing is equipped with 15 motors and is controlled by an app on a tablet.

The flying fox robot is actually modeled after a fruit bat. Once it's in the air, an autopilot system takes over which uses infrared cameras and a central master computer to help guide it.

Previous robots the company has put together include dragonflies, kangaroos, butterflies and barracudas. In other words, they're designing machines that can attack humans on land, air and sea. (CNET)

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