Springtime Motivation!

Another month, another goal crushed!!!

I decided this last month that I would STOP weighing myself. I seriously would step on the scale every single morning before brushing my teeth (and after going to the bathroom) and it killed my self-confidence. The thing about women and scales is, we just don't get along! Our weight fluctuates so much, with stress, that time of the month, how much wine we drank the night before, that it really isn't fair to ourselves to be weighed every day as the results are almost never accurate. Mix this new mindset with the fact that I've been hitting the gym almost every day and gave up gluten and lactose for Lent, and I feel like a brand new person!

Check this out!!! A dress that I bought over a year and a half ago (much too small) actually fits!!! I crushed my first goal dress!!!

Since a lot of people have been asking exactly what I've been doing, I'll let you in on the secret.

It's called.... The Alaska Club.

By doing consistent workouts at The Alaska Club and baking in the sauna afterwards, I've been able to tighten and tone like never before! I'm still not anywhere near my final goal, but that's the beauty of it all: you have time!

I used to kill myself over "get skinny quick" and "lose 30 pounds in 15 days" that it was really getting physically and mentally unhealthy. I was so obsessed with the number on the scale that I'd go on these weird crash diets and end up bingeing and feeling horrible about myself.

Consistency is KEY. My friends at The Alaska Club have helped to reshape my mindset and really get me started on this weight loss journey.

I'm ready to start adding new things into my routine as well! Did you know that The Alaska Club East offers adult swim lessons?! I'm SO excited for this because, not only is swimming a great workout, but I am not a strong swimmer so I'm ready to get more confident and take on the lake this summer! Another thing I've started working into my routine is Hot Yoga. MAN, if you want an intense workout, this is it! Studio at The Alaska Club has so many incredible member and non-member offers, it's crazy!

Check out more about The Alaska Club at thealaskaclub.com. I'll see y'all at the gym!

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