The D-List: Thursday

The D-List: Thursday 2/22/18

Kat Von D Is Married???

It’s official, Kat Von D is married to Prayers vocalist Leafar Seyer. The pair made the announcement yesterday on Instagram showing off their wedding bands.

“Today, I married my soul’s mate, my mind’s twin, my best friend,” writes Von D. “Juntos en vida y en muerte,” which in Spanish means together in life and death. Seyer shared the same pic over on his ‘gram writing, “Today I married the girl of my dreams.” He also included the same Spanish phrase in his post.

The two opted for a non-traditional wedding with Von D sporting an all black wedding dress. In the photos they posted you can see they even got matching black pointed manicures for their nuptials. Congrats to the couple!


Jennifer Aniston Kept Brad Pitt's Love Notes

Everyone’s trying to figure out what went wrong for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. In case you’ve been under a rock in the sunken place, the two are calling it quits after two years of marriage

Now sources are saying that Justin found love notes left by Brad Pitt. “He stumbled upon old Post-it notes Brad had written,” the insider said. “Sweet little Post-its like, ‘You looked nice tonight,’ or ‘Miss you already.’” The impact of those notes was huge. Even though Jen assured him that they weren’t a big deal, they were to him. “Justin had moments of insecurity like that.” 

Brad and Jen were married from 2000 to 2005. She and Justin got together in 2011 and got married in 2015.

U.S. Wins First Olympic Gold Medal In Women's Cross-Country Skiing

The men may have failed us in hockey last night but the U.S. Olympic ladies sure didn’t as they had their own kind of #MeToo moment yesterday as—between the Bobsledding, snowboarding, and speedskating—when it came time for a medal to be handed out, that is precisely what they said.

And probably the most surprising of all, the incredible U.S. women who won medals were Cross Country skiers Jessica Diggins and Kikkan Randall who captured gold in the women's team sprint freestyle cross-country skiing final in what may very well have been the most dramatic finish we’ll see this Olympics.

The gold was the first ever won by the United States in women’s cross-country skiing which really puts into perspective what Norwegian skier Marit Bjoergen did when she and teammate Maiken Caspersen Falla captured bronze in the same event—becoming the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time with 14 career medals at the Winter Olympic Games.

Sweden took silver.

As for Diggins, as she crossed the line she collapsed in exhaustion as teammate Randall tackled her in the snow. Randall lay on top of a crying Diggins shaking her ski jacket in pure excitement and utter joy.

"That feeling of being able to cross the line and have Kikkan tackle me was the coolest thing ever," Diggins said.

Yeah, pretty cool for us back home too.


Bobby Bones Joins “American Idol”

Bobby Bones has landed himself a TV gig. The DJ is set to be a mentor on ABC’s upcoming reboot of “American Idol, which debuts on March 11th at 8 pm. 

“Finally . I get to say something. I'm joining 'American Idol' this season,” he shared on Instagram. “I will be the mentor to all the top 24 contestants. And I appreciate you guys for letting it happen.”


Rihanna Celebrates Her 30th Birthday

Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, and Toni Braxton were just a few of the big names that gathered to help Rihanna celebrate her 30thbirthday. In case you missed it, the celebrity-infested soiree was in New York City Tuesday night. 

RiRi and her guests shared a four-course meal at The Grill before moving into the landmarked Pool space for the afterparty. Toni performed for the crowd. According to an insider,” It was a really elegant black-tie event. Rihanna and her guests dined on gnudi with caviar and peppered filet mignon, washed down with a lot of champagne.” 

Ri’s boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, was also on hand, and the two seemed to be quite cozy.


Kendrick Lamar & SZA Sued Over "All The Stars" Video

Lina Iris Viktor is NOT happy with Kendrick Lamar and SZA. She’s angry because she claims that they ripped off her artwork for their “All the Stars” video. She’s taking them to court to block them from using it. 

Ironically, Lina turned down an opportunity for her one of the paintings in her “Constellations” series to displayed in “Black Panther.” Now she says that her works are featured in the video. 

Viktor is also suing for damages. 



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