Sticking To My Resolutions!

Well, it's the beginning of February. This is the time when most people give up on their resolutions, but for a few of us out there, this is just the beginning!

I've found new motivation this month and in The Alaska Club. They are truly helping me stay focused and it has helped in my progress so so SO much!

A lot of people have asked me, "What's your go-to exercise or amenity you do/use at The Alaska Club?" and it's really hard to try and narrow it down to one thing that's helped me in my fitness journey. I of course love using all of the state of the art equipment that they have there at The AK Club, but the amenity that has been most central to my ability to lose inches has definitely been the sauna.

My home gym is The Summit and the spa is truly jaw-droppingly gorgeous. When you walk through those locker rooms, you don't expect to be transported to a luxury spa, but that's exactly what happens to me when I walk thru that frosted door.

I think we all can agree that the sauna is a necessity in anyone's fitness routine. I only reward myself with a sauna sesh after I finish a workout. Sometimes, I just want to go and sit in the sauna for an hour but I know that I need to put in the work so that I can earn some downtime in this hot room!

One of the reasons I add the sauna to my fitness routine is to maximize calorie burn. I've also found that sweating extra has helped a lot with skin elasticity. This means my cellulite is diminishing faster that I could've hoped for and my stretch marks aren't quite as noticeable and who wouldn't want that!

I've also committed to spending more time at Studio at The Alaska Club for their Hot Yoga sessions! Anything that makes you sweat is great for me as I definitely am able to tone up and lose weight faster. I'm so excited for what's to come this next month at The Alaska Club! Be sure to follow my journey on social media @singermalie   

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