What Are Millennials Killing In 2018?

Millennials have taken the fall for the “deaths” of a ton of things from doorbells to marriage and even cereal. What could millennials possibly kill next? Experts of the market have looked into what millennials will start to kill next. Here’s what’s next on millennial hit lists:

  • Restaurants – The chain restaurants are already going down, but maybe there won’t be much luck for ANY restaurants. Groceraunts are getting more popular which basically means grocery stores that have easy-to-prepare healthy meals.
  • Luxury goods – Millennials are spending way more money on experiences than things. We’re going on weekend trips instead of getting the latest gadget or asking our boos for expensive jewelry.
  • Gyms – We’re way more into our trendy fitness classes. They’re more fun, and there’s a sense of competition involved. Not only that, but we’re reaching for the hand weights instead of going to the gym.

Millennials are out for blood! We’re killing almost everything in our paths in the hunt for fun adventures and healthy eat-at-home meals.

What do you think millennials are killing? Comment below!

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