KFC Gravy-Infused Cocktails?

Is the gravy at KFC your favorite part of the meal? Then you’re going to love the chicken chain’s newest marketing campaign, which finds a whole new way to enjoy that savory sauce. KFC is now getting in the “stock-tail” game and has created three cocktails featuring their “so good you can drink it” gravy.

In case you’re wondering what a “stock-tail” is, it’s basically a cocktail made with animal stock or bone broth and they’ve been a growing trend for a few years. So KFC enlisted the help of an expert mixologist to bring their versions of these sippable meaty drinks to us to enjoy.

These are KFC’s gravy-fied stocktails:

  • The Gravy Mary - Made with vodka, tomato juice, and of course, gravy, this one is like a Bloody Mary, but with a punch of gravy to take it to the next level.
  • The Finger-Lickin’ Sour - This one includes mescal, cherry liqueur, orange marmalade, and an egg white, and don’t forget the gravy.
  • The Southern Twist - It’s made with Kentucky bourbon, brown sugar and gravy, and the rim is coated in brown sugar and parsley, so it’s got to be like nothing we’ve ever had before.

So, what do you think? Will you be trying a "stock-tail" anytime soon? I can definitely get behind The Gravy Mary and The Southern Twist, but I'm not sure about that Finger-Lickin' Sour......

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