Athletes Who Are the Same Size as Donald Trump

(Sports Illustrated) 

“I was always the best athlete, people don't know that,” Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal last week ahead of his much-anticipated annual physical. After the results of that physical were released Tuesday, it’s tough to disagree with him. 

Trump was measured at 6'3" and weighed in at 239 pounds. If this was the NFL combine, teams would be lining up to sign him as a tight end or a linebacker. You can’t teach size, the old adage goes. 

“The president, he and I talked,” Trump’s doctor, Ronny L. Jackson, told reporters Tuesday. “He would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds. We talked about diet and exercise a lot. He’s more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we’re going to do both.”

Here are a few star athletes who are of a comparable size. 

TIM TEBOW – 6'2", 236

MIKE TROUT – 6'2", 235

KAM CHANCELLOR – 6'3', 232

MILAN LUCIC – 6'3, 236

ANTHONY RIZZO – 6'3", 240

BO SCARBROUGH – 6'2, 235


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