New Year, New Me!


This. Is. It. This is the year we've been waiting for! (maybe not, but it is for me!)

I'm SO ready for this new year. New motivation is pumping thru my veins because I"M GETTING MARRIED!!!!! (in 2019)

Not only am I looking forward to my wedding, but I'm my best friend's Maid of Honor in her wedding this fall! I'm more motivated than ever to get in shape and STAY in shape.

Of course, many of us have New Year's Resolutions. I happen to have many different resolutions lists for different parts of my life, so here's my Health/Fitness resolutions for 2018:

  • Take 3 major backpacking trips
  • Be a size 8 by Alyssa's wedding
  • Be active in some way at least 5 days a week

I kept it short and simple this year so that I really stick to my list and keep myself accountable! I've already kicked off this year right with working out every day!!! Super proud of me  I'm also really trying to wear clothes that FIT! Half of feeling good about yourself is working on YOU for YOU and also making sure that you feel comfortable in the clothes you're in!

I know exactly how I'm going to commit to these resolutions too... I'm gonna go to The Alaska Club!!! I'm serious, The Alaska Club is the place to be if you're looking for a gym that helps keep you accountable for all of your resolutions. Maybe a personal trainer is what you are looking for! Maybe you want to get into spin classes or start networking and find a new gym buddy. The Alaska Club is exactly where you should be!

My home gym is The Summit and OMG. Yeah, it's totally OMG worthy. After long days at work or on a day when I'm really sore (like today) I love working out in the intimate Summit gym and then heading to the spa right after. I could spend hours in that sauna!!!

Trust me and head to The Alaska Club in 2018. There are so many convenient locations around Anchorage AND in Eagle River and the valley. No excuses this year!!! Get on your grind and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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