Learning How To Dance in 30 Days

So, I'm browsing YouTube this morning (like most mornings) and stumbled upon this awesome video from Boldly by Buzzfeed.

The video is about Buzzfeed's comedian Ashly Perez learning how to dance in 30 days and finding a connection with her sex appeal. Here I am thinking, oh this is gonna be a funny video about a chick learning a few dance moves. Little did I know that I was going to be SO INSPIRED to connect with a long avoided part of myself at the end of this video.

In the 17 minute long video, Ashly embarks on a journey of self discovery through dance as she's pushed out of her comfort zone and LITERALLY put on display. Does it sound cliche? Yes. Is it totally true? HECK YES. I cannot explain how proud I am of this woman I've never even met!

I'm so ready to add dance back into my life and really commit to something that not only makes me work hard, but connect with the parts of myself I've gotten used to hiding under layers of baggy sweaters and poorly timed humor.

Check out the awesome video below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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