Black Friday Shopping Tips

Image result for black fridayGet your credit card ready because Black Friday is next week and that means it’s prime holiday shopping time. Here are some ways to save big and still stay sane during the shopping madness.

  • Don’t wait until Friday - Retailers want your money now, so they’re not waiting until they open their doors on Black Friday morning to give you the deals. Start shopping early and you can still score discounts.
  • Do your research - Some retailers, like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon, repeat the same deals from previous years. So check out last year’s discounts and you’ll have an idea what you can expect to see this year. Or look into this year’s sales that have already leaked.
  • Shop around - If you’re in the market for something specific and expensive, say a large, flat-screen TV, it really pays to compare prices from several different retailers before committing. Sites like PriceGrabber, PriceWatch and Google Shopping can help you find out if you’re getting the best deal.
  • Sign up for loyalty programs - You’re really missing out on big rewards during the holidays if you’re not signed up for loyalty programs and email lists. Retailers send free shipping codes, coupons, and extra promo to insiders, so subscribe to save.
  • Hit up social media - Find out about sales, special incentives, and sometimes even secret shopping codes from stores like Nordstrom, Target, and Lowe’s on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make a budget - Decide what you want to spend before you go shopping so you’re not blinded by deals and end up buying way more than you wanted to.

Hopefully these tips help you to snag the best deals this holiday season. Happy shopping!


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