The Worst Woman In The World Gets Caught On Video Stealing An Uber Driver's


The internet is a pretty divided place in 2017. Everyone is mad online about something that somebody else said or did. But, I think we can all agree to unite and say that this chick is the worst person on on the planet, at least for today. Anybody that has worked an hour in any type of service industry knows just how thankless a job it is to serve other people. 

In my mind, everyone is worthy of at least a 20% tip until they prove they aren’t. And more often than not, you should drop a single into the jar if there is good service at your local grub spot. Taking money from said jar should never go through your head. And that girl stole that guy’s money after he likely had to listen to her and her friends yap about what I imagine is some of the most annoying stories in the history of Uber driving. Jail time!


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