A Refresher On Holiday Etiquette Rules

There’s a lot to love about this time of year, but with all the festivities and family time come certain pitfalls. So avoid the stress over figuring out who you need to buy gifts for or if you get an automatic plus one for your office holiday party and let the etiquette master, Emily Post- via this handy website- guide you to a faux pas free holiday season.

Thank you gifts - The Emily Post Institute says it’s appropriate to give a holiday present to people who provide you with year-round services. So your hairdresser, housekeeper, and trainer make the list. You can give cash, homemade baked goods, or something else, but always include a card.

Hostess gifts - Don’t make the mistake of showing up to a holiday party empty-handed, even if it’s at a friend’s house you go to all the time. A bottle of wine is always appreciated, but so are olive oils or even flowers, just remember that the Emily Post Institute recommends bringing them in a vase.

The office party - Yes, you have to go. And no, you can’t bring your bestie or your roommate as your date. Also, be sure to stick to your “still in control” alcohol limit so you’re not THAT girl everyone will be talking about at the office tomorrow.

The “in-laws” - We mean your S.O.’s family, whether you’re married or not. And when you go to spend the holidays with them, don’t show up without a gift. Tailor it to the mom, if you can, and ask your sweetie for guidance to make sure your seemingly innocent gift isn’t somehow offensive.

Coworker gifts - You can’t go wrong with a box of fancy chocolates or go bigger with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

Talking politics - If you’re with your own family, you can do as you please. But when you’re with the in-laws or any mixed company, try to be diplomatic when the subject of politics comes up. Unless you don’t give an eff, then say anything you feel, but be prepared for the aftermath. Happy holidays!

Source: The Zoe Report

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