Making Cocktails with Glacier Melt Vodka!

The 7th season of Game of Thrones is over (WAAAHHHH!) but that doesn't mean we have to stop watching!

I've been bingeing every season and decided I needed a tasty cocktail to go along with it so I created my own GoT drink... the BLOOD OF THE ENEMY!!!

(A little overboard? Naaah....)


Raspberry flavored syrup

Glacier Melt Vodka

Sparkling white wine

Red sprinkles


Pour enough raspberry syrup to cover the bottom of your favorite cocktail glass. Add (about) a shot of ice cold Glacier Melt Vodka from Anchorage Distillery. Fill cup the rest of the way with sparkling white wine and mix. Add a few shakes of red sprinkles to create a "blood" look in the bottom of the glass. Don't worry, these dissolve so you won't have a crunchy cocktail! Throw on Game of Thrones and enjoy!

Now you can laugh manically while watching all of your least favorite characters be killed off (spoiler?) and enjoy drinking to their demise! Teehee...

Check out the tutorial video below!

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