VLOG: #MalieD at the Anchorage Distillery

I got a chance to hang out at the Anchorage Distillery Tasting Room the other day and wanted to share a little cocktail recipe with you all!


Our friend Jacindra made a Glacier Melt Sled Dog for us and OMG was it tasty!

Check out the recipe on their website at AnchorageDistillery.com and this tutorial video!

Ask for it by name: Glacier Melt Vodka. Catch the true Alaskan spirit!


Anchorage Distillery doesn't make the Elderflower syrup, but they do sell it! It's Monin Elderflower syrup. However, they do make Ginger/Rosemary, Raspberry, Currant, Basil and many others!!! Try mixing up a cocktails with a few of those as well!

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