Cook Food In Your Underwear?!?

Have you ever stopped during a strenuous workout, placed your hand across the front of your pants, and thought, Wow, I really need to harness the heat from my own undercarriage? Me neither, although it seems like Glen Van Peski did. Van Peski, the founder of Gossamer Gear hiking equipment, has invented something called The Crotch Pot that allows its wearer to use the steam from their own junk to cook a seemingly edible meal.

The Crotch PotThe Crotch Pot is a waterproof fabric bag that you fill with food and then stuff down the front of your shorts.The Crotch PotThen, while you’re hiking – and sweating – the food gets cooked.The Crotch Pot

When you stop to take a break, you’re able to enjoy a gourmet meal of fettuccine or stew or whatever you mix up down there. (Vice)


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