This Dinner Habit is Making You Gain Weight

Some nights, all we want to do when we get home is curl up with the remote and watch TV while eating dinner. And as relaxing as that is, it turns out it’s not the best way to enjoy your meal.

Related imageSo what’s the issue? I always watch Game of Thrones and eat dinner at the same time!

Well, registered dietitian Keri Glassman explains that eating while distracted can lead us to consume more than we realize. We’re so busy paying attention to what’s happening on the screen that we aren’t aware of how much we’ve eaten and don’t stop when we’re full.

But this can be a hard habit to break. Glassman suggests a good way to start is by planning a sit-down dinner one night a week and increasing that to three times a week once you’re used to it. She says it helps to put your food on a plate, even if it’s takeout, to help you enjoy it more.

If you live with roommates or family, spend the meal catching up on each other’s day, instead of catching up on a TV show you missed. And if you live alone, spend the quiet time being aware of your surroundings and your food. Practicing being mindful like this can help you appreciate the flavors more and help you pay attention to your hunger cues, so you realize when it’s time to put down the fork. And that way you might even end up with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. #Adulting!


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