Taylor Swift: Cyrptic Much? Snake or Dragon?

#TS6ISCOMING! I'll tell you what, she is a mastermind at creating buzz! Some folks are calling the image a snake. Others are saying dragon! It's some sort of reptile. And they say the reason she's using this imagery is because of the aftermath of the whole Kim and Kanye thing where folks were calling her a snake and now, she's owning it! Time will tell! And no matter what, very excited about new Taylor! And when her back is against the wall relationship or otherwise, she always gives us great music! Fingers crossed! Hoping to hear and share new stuff with you by the end of the week!

PLUS - this coming weekend is the MTV VMA'S! Katy Perry is hosting. Could the stars align and we get new Taylor music, an appearance on MTV, mending fences with Katy, possibly a duet? Anticipation is killing me lol! Hopefully all will be revealed this week!

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