Garage Sale-ing Done Right!

Garage Sale season is among us people!

This means that we're either selling EVERYTHING... or packing it all up to donate!

A few girlfriends and I decided that we should all get together to have a BIG garage sale and divided up tasks to make it go smoothly. It was my job to bring the tables! But... how on earth would all those tables fit in my car?!

Oh duh! I have the brand new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas!

Okay, let's take a moment to break down this picture. I've fit 4 full size tables, 2 clothing racks, 6 boxes of stuff to sell (2 of which were jumbo moving boxes), a TABLE SAW that I bought off a friend for my dad, and still had a ton of room leftover.

I put that 98.6 cubic feet of cargo space to WORK! I knew this car was roomy, but I was still shocked at how easy it was to transport all of this stuff. I cannot rave enough about the functionality of this car, along with it's seriously sexy interior and the aggressive exterior.

If you're still skeptical, you just need to take a test drive for yourself! Kendall Volkswagen of Anchorage, on the corner of 10th and Gambell!

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