August Update with The Alaska Club

August 2017

Weight: 177.6

Body Fat %: TBD


Okay... So you probably saw that thumbnail and was like, "Uhhh.. is that Malie D. in a bikini?!"


I can't even believe that I'm confident enough to post that picture... but I am!

It wasn't until after I posted this picture that I noticed my stomach wasn't flat, my booty didn't look round, and my arms weren't very thin. AFTER I posted the picture!

Even looking at it now, I'm not mad at it! The feelings that I had immediately after posting were feelings I always had about myself. I always thought I wasn't good enough or pretty enough, but I've slowly come to realize that only I care about how flat my tummy is, no one else does! It was then that I truly accepted this picture because I felt so flawless and wonderful taking it. It took a lot longer to get in that proper mind set than it did to see results!

And let me tell you... slow progress is still progress, people!!!

I was struggling for a little bit with getting my fitness regime really locked down, but I think I've finally started forming a great habit!

I try to go to The Alaska Club South or the Summit almost every day and do 15 minutes on the StairMaster. That is hard work! Holy cow. By the end of the 15 minutes, I'm sweating buckets! One AK Club employee even handed me a towel without me asking because he knew I'd want one. It was so sweet! I also go to The Alaska Club West for my personal training sessions with Logan.

I love working out at The Alaska Club with my girls. If we can't catch one of the many different classes they offer, we usually do our cardio/weight training together! It's so great having a support group while on a weightloss journey. There's no shortage of compliments, motivation, and reminders of your success!

My girls are the ones who encouraged me to post THIS picture today:

Now... a little louder so for those in the back.


I can't stress enough how important it is to just keep going! My family at The Alaska Club knows exactly what to do to keep me on track! Whether it's complimenting my weightloss, adding new group fitness classes to keep me on track, or recommending new classes/techniques for me to try, I always know I'm going to be well taken care of!

Now that I've got a good workout schedule locked down, there's nothing that's going to stop me! Seeing results feels TOO GOOD!!!

Check out to find member information and their class schedules!

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