The Insta Hashtag We Should All Embrace

We’ve all stood in the best lit spot in our apartments for way too long trying to snag the perfect selfie. And then we have to go through all of the pictures on our camera roll and get rid of the ones that don’t make it to Instagram. We all know the game. But now there may be a use for all of these bad selfies we took in our bathrooms one day.

Instagram user Sonya Renee Taylor created the hashtag #BadPictureMonday back in 2011. It didn’t catch on much until recently, but now we can all embrace the great hashtag alongside our “bad” photos. We’ve all gone through the struggle of deleting tagged posts that we don’t think we look our best in. But maybe we don’t have to!

 Now people are using the hashtag to post all of the selfies they thought they never would, and some of the ones they would have deleted immediately. The idea is to feel less self-conscious about these photos. Get posting!!


SourceHuffington Post

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