The Blonder The Better!

So I went into The Loft Hair Design this week for a little refresher. I think I've finally decided that I want to be Atomic Blonde for Halloween this year!

To do that, my hair is going to need a lot of TLC and therapy. I only trust the girls at The Loft Hair Design for this!

I saw Ali first for a wash/cut/style to get the ends trimmed up. I didn't realize how refreshed my hair would look and feel from such a small change! Ali is super sweet too and recommended a bunch of great products.

Then, I saw Alyssa for my full highlight. I love how light my hair turned out and I know I'm that much closer to Atomic Blonde! Alyssa is great because she tells it like it is. If you walk in there requesting something that she KNOWS is going to damage your hair, she'll offer other solutions to get there swiftly, but safely!

The stylists at The Loft Hair Design truly care about your hair health and making you feel beautiful on the way out the door!

If you want to check out more about The Loft, they're having their Grand Re-Opening celebration this weekend! Check out the flyer below for more details and visit The Loft Hair Design on the corner of Abbott and Lake Otis today!

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