Catch The True Alaskan Spirit

Having a kid has really put my golf game on hold this summer. I wanted to take advantage of the time I did get out onto the course with the people who can help me improve my game and get ready for this year's State Am at Moose Run - Creek Course. 

I recently had a few lessons with LPGA teaching professional, Peggy Gustafson. She is an amazing woman who has stories for days. We recently played together and we got to talking about life, golf and the kiddo. Peggy grew up on a golf course in a small town in Texas. She started playing golf as soon as she could hold a club. She played professionally on the LPGA for years, and now teaches in Arizona in the winters and Alaska in the summers. 

Peggy has truly caught the Alaskan spirit. Fishing, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. She loves the people and the culture of Alaska and even considers herself part Alaskan. So, I had to share my taste of Anchorage Distillery's Award winning vodkas. This week in the bag 100% Alaskan Made Blueberry Vodka! #BirdieJuice

Catch the true Alaskan spirit!

Blueberry Vodka - Anchorage Distillery

A secondary essence distillation process using fresh blueberries is used to enhance the flavor of this bold Vodka. Our Blueberry Vodka’s distinctness is no doubt the reason it won a Bronze Medal from the American Distilling Institute.

Blueberry Vodka

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