Uncle Large and the Future Senator from Michigan!

If he wins can we call him Senator Bawitdaba?!?

Back in the day when I was living in Detroit, I met my fair share of iconic Motor City celebrities. Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns, Joe Dumars, Chauncey Billups (all these guys are sports dudes lol). Was in the proximity of Bob Seger and Ted Nugent! I also got a chance to hang with Eminem, Uncle Kracker, and Bob Ritchie. You all know that last guy as Kid Rock. Uncle Kracker and I had a fun few nights with adult beverages, BUT that's from another day and time. Kid Rock and myself have run into each other in both professional and casual settings on several occasions. The man has always been a class act and always treated me and his fans (especially in Michigan) with love and respect. Politics aside (cause we all have opinions) dude was righteous to me. He's a good dude. So I have no comments on his politics nor do I have a bad thing to say about him and this potential run. Now, it may all be a publicity stunt. Who knows. But, anything can happen in this country. We've seen stranger folks get elected. However, that being said, I used to hang out with this guy. We actually first met up at a place called the Bear's Den in Berkley, Michigan. It was kind of a biker bar. Ok, it was a biker bar if I remember correctly. This was a while ago. And I lost brain cells attending functions like these if you catch my drift.  If he's running for office, and any of those stories get out, that should make for some fun television lol. Go luck Senator Rock! If you win, I'm sure the victory party will be one for the ages lol!

Kid Rock and Uncle Large from back in the day!


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