National Mojito Day!

Since it is National Mojito Day and everyone enjoys a new refreshing beverage, might as well share this awesome recipe that I will be making for me and the wifey tonight to celebrate!

Double Apple Mojito

In a tall glass, crush the mint leaves with a muddler. Top with the ice, simple syrup, apple juice and the Anchorage Distillery Vodka of your choice. Garnish with red and green apples slices and serve.


1/3 cup Benefactor Black Vodka

1 cup Ice Cubes 

Equal parts sugar and water splash simple syrup ( heated until sugar dissolves, cooled )

1/4 cup Apple Juice 

Small handful fresh mint (about 10 leaves)

2 Slices Red Apple slices, for garnish

2 Slices Green Apple slices, for garnish

Benefactor Black

In crafting this unique vodka, we use a combination of Alaskan Grains. The distinct blend of wheat and barley produce a rich, full vodka that is sure to please the novice and connoisseur alike. Military Black is a spirit that gives back: Profits are donated to charities that help active military and veterans.


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