4th of July Done Right!

What is 4th of July without a party?!

Seriously... I've never had a Fourth of July without some sort of BBQ, party, get together, shin dig, whatever! They've always got good food, good people, and great drinks!

This year, we were out at the cabin in Big Lake with some close friends. We knew beer pong was going to happen, but I decided to step it up a notch with (drum roll please...)


Image result for red white and blue jello shotsI know right?! Genius!

So, of course, I scoured Pinterest to find the perfect recipe. Check it out on Bustle here!

I then went to the store to find the best alcohol to add to the mixture. I didn't want rum, and I most certainly didn't want tequila (you know what they say about it making clothes fall off) so I knew what I had to get!

As soon as I saw it on the shelf, I had to have it. Glacier Melt Vodka!

Not only is it made here in Alaska with all Alaskan ingredients, it's the smoothest vodka I've ever tasted. You could seriously sip on this stuff! It was the perfect blend of burn and flavor when mixed with these jell-o shots.

Anchorage Distillery also makes infused vodkas! Their blueberry and raspberry flavors went perfectly with the colored layers, while Glacier Melt was just right for my white layer.

With the leftover Glacier Melt Vodka, we made awesome Bloody Mary's to accompany breakfast the next day!

I love experimenting with food and drinks and can honestly say that I haven't come across a vodka as tasty as Glacier Melt Vodka.

Ask for it by name when you go out and find it on shelves here in Alaska!

Glacier Melt Vodka. Catch the true Alaskan spirit!


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