Volkswagen Has Outdone Themselves!

At first glance, the brand new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas looks agressive and expensive.

Well, it's really only one of those two things!

Image result for vw atlasI absolutely love the LED headlights and the cutting accents of this front view. Combine that with a sleek body that's as durable as it is pretty and you've got yourself a winner!

The fact that this is a real SUV doesn't go unnoticed. I'm in love with the true 3rd row of seating and the huge trunk space!

Image result for vw atlas interiorThat right there, folks, is what 98.6 cubic feet of cargo space looks like!

I also love all of the different safety features on this vehicle. The blind spot monitoring is a God-send in rush hour traffic... It's small indicator is actually on your side mirror and will let you know if someone is in your blind spot. It'll even flash at you when your blinker is on!

Oh, and that turn radius? FLAWLESS! If I can park perfectly in a Dimond Center parking spot when I came from the opposite direction I'm facing... you know it's good.


Please, don't just take my word for how amazing this car is. Go test drive one for yourself today at Kendall Volkswagen of Anchorage on the corner of 10th and Gambell!


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