The Under Cut: REVEALED

So... you saw the thumbnail.

What do you think?!

This. Under cut. Blows. My. MIND!

Yes, that is my hair and YES I'm that obsessed with Wonder Woman!

Honestly though, I'm more obsessed with how AMAZING Mandy and Kendra at The Loft Hair Design did on this super cool under cut! Mandy is a wiz with etching designs and Kendra's creative side took over with the concept and dying process. I still can't believe it's real!

Under cuts are definitely the latest hair trend among the ladies. It's super fun knowing there is a little surprise waiting under the mane and it's even better when it serves a function.

I've been shaving the bottom half of my head for almost 3 years now. It all started with a charity event! I was too chicken to shave my whole head, so I opted for just chopping underneath my hair. I have a LOT of really thick hair, so shaving it keeps me cool and saves so much time on blow drying/styling, you can't even imagine!

To go with my super amazing new under cut, I thought it was probably time to head into The Loft and touch up my roots and get a deep conditioning treatment on the rest of my hair. The surprise under my hair doesn't need to be the only thing that looks good!

Janelle and Janell took such great care of me today! It was my first time working with Janell (Janell with no E as I like to call her) and it was awesome. She did a re-bonding, deep conditioning treatment on my hair and it feels so smooth! This is a great way to maintain that Brazilian Blowout I got not too long ago!

Next, Janelle (with an E) brightened up my roots and did a partial highlight to break up my grow-out.

*gasp* You're not a natural blonde?! No.

You'd never be able to tell though once Janelle works her magic!

I always walk out of The Loft Hair Design feeling like a pampered princess, and you will too! Check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @theloftak to check out the stylist's work. You can also walk in and make an appointment on the corner of Abbott and Lake Otis!

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