Trading Spaces: Now Casting!

Do you and your neighbor need a room renovated? You might be able to get it done for free AND be on TV!

TLC’s “Trading Spaces” is now casting people for the show’s reboot!!!


Image result for trading spacesIn case you don't remember what Trading Spaces is all about... People who participate on the show will hand over the keys to their home and they, along with a designer and carpenter, will re-imagine a room. At the same time, their neighbor will also have a room makeover — but neither homeowner gets to have any input in the design process or outcome.

They can be really great... or reeeally bad...

Image result for trading spaces failsIt takes someone who's totally willing to go with the flow. Hopefully people's tastes have evolved since the early 2000's...

TLC, if you're reading this, I'd like whoever I trade spaces with to have THIS sense of style please:

Image result for tranquil living roomLook for the new and improved “Trading Spaces” to air sometime next year.

For more information, click here.


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