Guys, Get Weekend Ready with Kendra!

Ladies, does your guy let his hair and beard grow and grow until he looks like a heathen?

Guys, do you just not care about your hair or beard and how they look?

Well, I've got the perfect low-maintenance solution for ALL of you that looks great!

GET A HAIRCUT! Specifically from Kendra at The Loft Hair Design.

Kendra is a wizard when it comes to men's cuts and taming that beard! Check out what she has to say below:

A Letter from The Loft feat. Kendra


Hey! Its Kendra here, Beard Tamer & Hair illusionist located inside of The Loft Hair Design. 

I was licensed in 2011, but have been doing hair since my middle school years. I am a third generation Hairdresser. My Great Grandmother and Grandmother were, as they called it then, "Beauty Operators" or "Beauticians".      

I started my own hair journey about 7 years ago when I moved from California to Anchorage to attend school at MetrOasis. I spent a year there learning advanced training that the instructors had brought back from their own classes in Europe! Since joining The Loft, I have been able to spread my wings even more than before with creativity, colors, and new ideas that are happening daily. 

Some of my favorite services to do are bright, beautiful mermaid hair with lots of contradictory colors that make each other POP!

Another favorite service of mine is Men's Grooming. I love a great men's cut paired with a beard trim, and eye brow wax (because yes, the ladies prefer when you have two!)...even the occasional waxing of the nose hairs!

(Malie's boyfriend, Max!)

When you sit in my chair you will find, as some have said, that I'm an "odd duck"...and thats ok! I'm not really up on whats trending right now--I want to create my own trends!

I'm very hands on, expressive, and pretty much walk to the beat of my own drum. If you would like to check out my portfolio, I have a hair page on Facebook at Hair Illusions and you can also follow me at the salon on our page at The Loft Hair Design!

My normal buiness hours are Wednesday-Saturday 4pm-10pm, perfect for a relaxing appointment after a long day of work!

See you soon,



How cool is she?! Congrats Kendra on your success as a stylist and THANK YOU for my amazing Wonder Woman undercut!

Oh... y'all haven't seen it yet?? Stay tuned because I'll be posting ANOTHER blog this week about getting 4th of July ready with The Loft Hair Design!

Make sure you follow @theloftak on Instagram and stop by to set up an appointment today on the corner of Abbott and Lake Otis.

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