These Male Students Wore Skirts to School

We’re always hearing stories about girls trying to protest their school’s dress code because they are unfair, but in England it’s actually a group of boys who are staging a protest about school clothing policy, and they certainly found a unique way to do it.

With the current heat wave hitting England, male students at ISCA College in Exeter found it unfair that their school’s dress code requires them to wear long pants throughout the summer, so many of them found a way around it. Earlier this week five boys decided to go to school wearing skirts, with 50 more joining in the following day.

Apparently the kids got the idea from a teacher. After one kid told the head teacher he wanted to wear shorts, he was told he would get “isolation,” which is probably like detention. The teacher reportedly told him, “Well you can wear a skirt if you like,” although as one parent admits, she was probably being “sarcastic.”

Regardless, the boys took her seriously, which is why they started to turn up in the school skirts. And it seems the protest may have worked, with the school saying they would reconsider their policy, although one boy did get in trouble...because his skirt was too short.

Check out a video one of the students took below!

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