Smartduvet - The Future of Comfy Sleeping

Listen up, people!!!

Smart beds are here to save our relationships and make it even easier to achieve the perfect hot-to-cold ratio while we sleep.

Smartduvet, the company that gave us the self-making bed (yes, it's a real thing) is BACK baby! Its latest invention promises not to disappoint. Their Indiegogo “Breeze” campaign has funded a dual climate-controlled comforter. Seriously!!! It replaces stealing covers from your partner, throwing covers off your partner, or strategically volleying your pupper that INSISTS sleeping between you back and forth all night like a ping pong ball.

And have no fear; its latest technology still works with the self-making feature.

This Smart Duvet Is Here To Save Your Relationship

I don't think I've ever been so satisfied by a GIF.....

According to the creators, the Breeze doesn’t replace your existing bedding, “it simply makes them better,” by way of a “climatization layer” that goes between the duvet and the duvet cover, connecting to a control box under the bed. Not only does it still make the bed for you, “the Breeze allows you to set your preferred temperature individually for each side of the bed.”


Smartduvet says their new temperature controls will help you “avoid all future arguments about temperature.” Just simply set each side of the bed to heat up or cool down through an app. based on how you like to sleep and BOOM, you just bought yourself true happiness.

No more one leg under, one leg over the covers. No more worrying about the monsters under your bed reaching up to grab your unprotected limb. NOT TODAY SATAN!!!

For around $200, the Breeze provides the ultimate in sleep technology and does away with arguments over how many covers need to be on your bed, fighting over the thermostat, or even using separate blankets at night. It's no wonder people are excited.... They even raised OVER 1000% over their original goal.... WOW.

We still have to get through the summer with our lame old duvets which now seem surprisingly subpar, but now we have one more thing to look forward to in September when it begins shipping to waiting backers.

Nicely done, Smartduvet, nicely done...


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