Show Your PRIDE With Your Hair!

Well y'all, it's PRIDE week!!!! Why not express your pride through your hair?!

I've got an appointment to go get my undercut designed/colored this week by Kendra at The Loft Hair Design on Abbott and Lake Otis, and she is KILLER with mermaid hair and rainbow hair!

While browsing Pinterest to find a design I wanted, I found these amazing photos:

It made me think about the amazing ways we can express ourselves every day, but also how you can flash your PRIDE to the world during this amazing week supporting the LGBTQ community!

Kendra is AMAZING with colors and she's totally making me want to try mermaid hair...

Keep an eye out for my next blog where I reveal my undercut and tell you a little bit more about Kendra AND her male grooming techniques!

Stop by The Loft Hair Design and make an appointment today! Also, follow them on Instagram @theloftak

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