Upgrade Your Sleep!

Reduce Snoring

See this?^

This looks like a happy couple that's energized and well rested. I bet they look like that because they just got their new adjustable base for their Serta iComfort mattress!!!

In all seriousness, I'm so excited to learn that even my Foresight mattress is compatable with adjustable bases from the Ultimate Mattress Store! I've been wanting to upgrade my sleep and this is definitely the way to do it.

Adjustable bases ease back, neck, and shoulder pain, improve circulation, reduce acid reflux, and reduce snoring. That's a lot of things to get rid of! It's no wonder the difference between a cheap bed and one from the Ultimate Mattress Store is so drastic...

Another way to upgrade your sleep is with luxurious sheets:


I always hear people talking about "thread count" or "satin vs. cotton" but I'm over here like... Can I just get sheets that STAY on my mattress? I tell ya, ill-fitting sheets are the worst!

With the luxury sheets at the Ultimate Mattress Store, you'll find threads that conform perfectly to your mattress and help keep excess moisture/heat away from your body while you sleep. Yes please!

Test out the mattresses at the Ultimate Mattress Store today on the corner of New Seward and Benson and upgrade your sleep!


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